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Shipping Details 

Online shopping has become a habit for all of us by now. But while you may not think twice about getting a book shipped to your doorstep, transporting of our farm products across the country requires different logistics.

At Mason Hills Farm, we ship all of our meats frozen using coolers filled with dry ice. To ensure our products arrive fully frozen at your door, our packages can only be in transit for a maximum of three days.

If your order contains perishable items, we only have two days to get your order from our farm to your doorstep. This reality isn’t an issue for most of our customers, but it does impact shipping options for certain customers (especially those on the west coast). Keep reading to understand why.

Ground Shipping

Ground shipping transports packages through normal trucking channels. Our farm tries to use ground shipping whenever possible, because it is the most cost-effective way to get something delivered for most customers.

  • We offer FREE Local delivery  on orders with a product total over $125 or more.

  • We charge $20 ground shipping on orders with a perishable product total over $149

  • If your product total is under $149, to cover the cost of shipping, we apply a $20 surcharge (more details below)

  • If your order contains both perishable and non-perishable items, see below for how mixed shipping is charged. 

You are only able to choose ground shipping if you live within the 2-day shipping zone from Mason Hills Farm.

If you live outside of the 2-day ground shipping range, you will need to choose express shipping.

We do not ship to PO Box addresses.

Express Shipping

If you do not live within the 2-day ground shipping zone, you cannot choose flat rate ground shipping. 

Orders containing perishable items, shipping outside our 2-day ground network, have to be upgraded to express shipping to speed up transit and fit into the best shipping window. These shipping totals are calculated per pound per mile by our shipping providers, UPS & FedEx.

Since our farm is located in the south Alabama of the United States, if you live on the west coast, it may be likely that you do not live within the 2-day ground shipping zone. We are grateful that you want to support our farm, but at this time we cannot provide ground shipping for your order. 

We do not ship to PO Box addresses.

Non-Perishable Shipping

If your order does not contain any perishable items, we have no ground shipping constraints. Orders containing ONLY non-perishables ship via USPS for $15 nationwide.

Mixed Perishable & Non-Perishable Shipping

Orders containing BOTH perishables and non-perishables will ship as follows:

  • Perishables ship via UPS or FedEx at the rates listed here, depending on location.

  • Non-perishables will ship via USPS for an additional flat rate of $5.

  • Cost of shipping will be combined at checkout to display the total rate.

Surcharge for orders under $149

To cover the cost of shipping a cooler, we apply a $20 ground shipping surcharge on orders containing perishable items with a product total of $149 or less.

Many folks find that it is most cost effective to wait to place an order until they have products totaling above $149. It’s a win-win: you get more product, and you save on shipping!

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